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About The Mountain Motel

The Mountain Motel welcomed its first guests in 1947. In 1996, six more rooms were built to accommodate the tremendous influx of visitors to the motel. The Mountain Motel has been a family endeavor, being locally owned and operated since 1947 – over 55 years!

In December 2011, the new owner of The Mountain Motel felt that it was time to showcase the charm and history of the motel by performing a slight upgrade to the rooms as well as the Mountain Motel’s brand. After transforming the office area into a lounge and reading room, the energetic owner set to work to begin outfitting the remaining nine rooms with an exhaustive inventory of Mountain Western Retro furniture, fixtures and room décor. The vision to make the Mountain Motel, Salida’s FIRST “boutique motel” and reinventing an American icon – the roadside motel!

Foremost in the minds of the staff at the Mountain Motel is to provide guests with a comfortable, cozy, distinctive and memorable stay. One-size DOES NOT fit all! Each room has been re-imagined in a unique fashion, which brings the owner’s distinct style to a historic Salida motel.

Room décor is an eclectic collection of “Mountain Western Retro” – reminiscent of properties dating back to the 1950’s, and early 1960’s.

We consider the Mountain Motel a forever evolving work of “motel art,” where updates and décor are an on-going effort. We especially pride ourselves on being the only Salida, CO motel to bring the “boutique motel” experience to guests visiting the Arkansas River Valley.

A locally owned motel, the Mountain Motel is noticeably different in look and feel from other Salida hotel and motel experiences. We love it when our guests are pleasantly “surprised” to find that the motel offers much more than a room to sleep. Guests of the Salida, CO area have many options for lodging, but very few will venture out to the other options once they experience the uniqueness of the Mountain Motel.

The staff at the Mountain Motel invite you to share our “Mountain Western Retro” experience! Whether it be sharing stories in the lounge on a cold day with other guests, or sipping the special “Mountain Motel” iced-tea on a hot day. Without question, your stay at the Mountain Motel in Salida, Colorado will be a memory to share forever and keep you coming back, year after year.

Just make sure you save our room.

We have been visiting the Mountain Motel for years as our job travels bring us to the area. It is a comfortable place to stay and it is exciting to see the new changes that are happening to The Hitchin’ Post. The new owners are enthusiastic and are adding a real western flare. It is a step back to the old West with the comforts of home. The motel is on the main drag but off the beaten path. You can be social or you can be quiet and to yourself. It is up to you. It is within walking distance to downtown Salida and quaint shops with lots of great eating places. There is plenty to do within the area. If you are looking for a great Colorado vacation with lots of God’s country at your fingertips and a comfortable place to stay with great rates then The Hitchin’ Post is the place for you. Just make sure you save our room. After all, we were there first, lol.

Betty C   

April 11, 2012   


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